*Ladybird Beetles – are very fast aphid controller, they eat thrips & soft-bodied insects
*Ground Beetles – search & destroy, they move fast., feed on caterpillars & soft-bodies
*Rove Beetles – common in turf grass, feed on a variety of soft bodied insects
*Spiders – are very active, feed on new larvae, new eggs & immature insects
*Springtails – assist in decomposition in Organic Matter
*Nematodes – organisms that cause a natural disease within its preditor, goes in anally.
Penetrates victim & releases bacteria which breaks down the internal tissue
Results in massive infection. Get the right organism for the right insect.
*There are different commercially available types for grubs or webworms.
*Bacteria – effective against some grubs, apply in spring when nematodes aren’t effective
*Fungi – attacks chinch bugs & billbugs in turf. Invades insect bodies attacking internally.
*Metarhizium anisopliae effective against grub development. Entophytes fungi, too.