You can clean the whole house with:

*baking soda
*white vinegar
*hydrogen peroxide
*vodka – if you wish

*to use biodegradable bags and sponges
*using chemical-free products doesn’t hurt our air quality
*won’t negatively affect our water supply
*are not harmful to our children & pets


*white vinegar & equal amounts of hydrogen peroxide can be as effective as bleach on E. coli
(store them in separate containers for they will react and create an acid)
- you can spray them at the same time if you wish but keep them in separate containers.
- you can spray on raw produce and rinse with water to protect against E. coli
- cleaning your cutting board & hands is easy with these non-toxic cleaners
*Borax or vinegar to clean your sink faucet & refrigerator handles of bacteria
(vinegar is not recommended on granite or marble counters because the acid can affect stone)
- Mix borax with warm water

*Dishwasher soap = one part Borax to one part super washing soda plus a few drops of essential
oil like orange for pleasant smell. Mix an stone in a container under your sink.
*Laundry = use vinegar for fabric softener, pour ¼ cup in the rinse cycle.
*Tub = baking soda + sponge, soap scum comes off without scratching the surface
*Toilet = sprinkle baking soda in the bowl, followed by some squirts of vinegar under the rim.
The outside can be sprayed with vinegar + hydrogen peroxide.
*Mirrors = straight vinegar
*Windows = mix of 2 cups water, ¼ cup vinegar + ¼ teaspoon detergent for cutting the dirt.
*Living room = baking soda for freshen the carpets. Sprinkle on surface and wait 15 minutes
*Furniture = polished with a nix of ½ tsp. olive oil + ¼ white vinegar (not for unfinished wood)
*Cloth furniture = spray vodka + water 1:1 ratio plus drop of essential oil like lavender & shake.

Live more gently for the betterment
of our environment