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Lawns, non-toxic

You can have green lawns without the use of chemicals, see below photos for reassurance. We top dress in May and October with an inch of leaf compost, giving what grass consumes in nature and look, it's green! We recommend watering an inch a week, mowing twice a month at three inches for best root growth. The use of nitrogen and phosphorus is not needed so it usually runs-off causing harm to ponds and oceans. Micoryzomes are introduced and worm castings are used as good food sources for grass types here. You'll see photos of great clover lawns, they are thick and happy and real easy to maintain! White clover grows to six inches in height then flowers feeding native pollinators. No need to mow clover lawns and they don't need much water after established. Inquire within for more information about clover lawns, it's the latest 'craze' and it is working nicely!

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