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Specializing in Custom Stone Work, Native Plant Design and Organic Land Care 774 353-6511 | Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm

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~ Exterior Decorator ~

OUT DOOR LIVING JUST GREW UP !!!     Owner, Laura Kelley, has been an exterior design decorator since 1992. She enjoys land designing with homeowners and being the General Contractor coordinating crews and overseeing projects from concept to completion. Custom work with attention to detail on all building aspects is where she excels most. Have your vision become real with the help of local, already set up businesses create for you, who specialize in their trades of design, installation and land maintenance over time.

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Organic Land Care

Get your land off drugs because it’s easier and cost effective to work

with nature instead. All aspects of garden and lawn care: clean-ups, feeding, maintaining

perennial beds and lawns. Specializing in perennial and vegetable gardening and clover lawns,

focusing on native plant designs to build sustainable properties. Feeding land with leaf compost

twice yearly, lime apps. and other custom tasks per request. Also there are many plants to deter

pests naturally, not kill them.

Custom Stone Work

There are many stone types out there, I bring you to them to choose

what you desire to create your walkway, patio, steps, focal features, waterfalls for sound,

cobblestone aprons, driveway pavers, stone edging, custom benches, boulders to sit on,

retaining walls, decorative walls, and more!

All Excavation

Available on an as-needed basis, working closely with local companies to

get projects completed on time! Driveways, sub-grading, final grading, lot clearing, lawn

preparation, large stone creations, sea walls, septic systems, and beyond.

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Edible Gardens

Grow food for your family! Vegetables, fruits, herbs, medicines, plant

flowers to attract native pollinators. From ediblescaping to meadowscaping to butterfly gardens,

there’s much beauty we can create on your land. Raised beds, stone gardens, pots for decks.

Plant, grow, and harvest to enjoy during winter months.

Native Plants

Native plants are plants that have been growing in a particular habitat and region, typically for over thousands of years. They are well adapted to the climate, light, and soil conditions. They have evolved tremendously important relationships with the other plants, animals, fungi, and bacteria present, and these very complex relationships keep that particular ecosystem stable. Plants power the food web for the rest of life on earth. Native plants host a vastly greater number and variety of insect species than non-natives, and native plants promote the biodiversity necessary for balanced ecosystems. 

We educate the importance of native vegetation and seek to incorporate them into the properties we get to design and install for. There are great choices full of much beauty for seasons of enjoyment.

Choosing native plants is cost effective for they won't need to be fed fertilizers and seek less water once established. 

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Would you spend more time outside if you had outdoor living spaces throughout your property?  How about a comfortable place to sit, relax, listen to music or a water element bringing sound to your space? Cook on a grill or make pizza outside? How about staying outside after dark by a crackling fire in a fire pit? We are happy to create focal points with entertaining elements for you to enjoy! Create four seasons of entertainment on your land for you and your loved ones to share more outside time together.

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