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Our Services

Littlefield Landscapes has been servicing Cape Cod since 1992.  Owner Laura Kelley is a Cape native focused on being non-toxic on properties to help our aquifer remain safe for us to have drinkable water longer.

Laura Kelley is a plant and stone designer, and also a General Contractor, overseeing all aspects of projects from concept to completion.  She works closely with already established local companies who are licensed and insured for projects to go smoothly.  She focuses closely on communicating all job tasks with homeowners.  She brings you to see, feel and touch the stone material and plant vegetation prior to any purchasing for you to know the choices you have to add to your land.  She takes time with each person to visualize the outcome so they are comfortable enough to make decisions some for generations. 

There are many variables to placing a stone or installing a garden but once you have teams and crews you can rely on, all gets done safely and on an agreed time frame and cost.  The hardest part for the homeowner is choosing which stones and/or plants, then Laura will take care of the rest.  Then when it’s installation time, it’s the fun part, watching the transformation of before to after, to let plants free and watch them grow, to place a stone then sit upon it.  

Once we are bound by plants, I like to oversee their growth seasonally to make sure they remain healthy and happy over time.  We use plant foods they like best, add leaf compost soil when planting and water until they are established and can grow on their own.  Creating sustainable landscapes is the focus, so you can enjoy your Saturdays and not mow, blow, feed and weed but relax, swing, listen and enjoy your property even more than you already do.

“I am fortunate to be able to visualize designs with vegetation growth patterns for 10 years and beyond, and create solutions for problem areas or dead zones.  Working with the same companies for years, and some for decades, makes it easier for the installation process to be completed since we know each other so well.  I look forward to every day on a job site for it means we are helping others feel more comfortable on their own land.”      

     ~ Laura Littlefield Kelley     :)

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Custom Stone Masonry & Art

Stones are timeless!  Remove rotting wood and replace with any natural or man made stone for generations to enjoy. Custom craftsmanship with the stones of your desire

  • stone patios of all kinds
  • stone walkways or stepping stone pathways
  • stone front door steps or landings
  • stone walls retaining or decorative
  • stone ART for focal points
  • stone ponds
  • stone waterfalls for sound 
  • stone light posts
  • stone raised beds for vegetables, herbs, medicinal gardens
  • stone seats like custom benches or a stone boulder to sit upon

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  • sub-grading & grading
  • driveway installation
  • retaining walls of any size stone
  • sculpting soil - customize your landscape
  • adding large stones - front door steps, etc
  • title-5 septic systems 
  • excavators are licensed and insured

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Land Care: Lawns and Plants

  • feeding lawns and garden beds organically
  • plant design, installation and maintenance
  • lawn care, mowing, edging, bi-weekly or as needed
  • complete maintenance, spring and fall clean-ups
  • building up soil to sustain itself by being non-toxic
  • choosing seed for your site specific needs
  • adding clover lawns
  • designing with native plants to create sustainable yards
  • meadowscaping
  • foodscaping
  • pollinator gardens
  • design custom to your desires
  • pastel gardens or hot garden beds
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Ediblescaping: planting food through on your property

  • what fruits and vegetables do you like?
  • organic vegetable garden beds for your family
  • custom raised beds of wood or stone or metal
  • introducing plants for you to eat, perennial or annual
  • soil without toxins to grow food in
  • companion planting, placement of food next to each other
  • deter pests, don’t kill them
  • strawberry, blueberry, winterberry, serviceberry
  • herb gardens, rosemary, thyme, sage winter over
  • medicinal gardens, echinacea, chamomile, borage
  • pollinator gardens, butterfly bushes, anything that flowers
  • meadowscaping, allow herbs to self-spread like lemon balm
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Meadowscaping: allow plants to self-spread

  • shift your lawn to flowers, it’s less expensive to maintain
  • tall cutting gardens flow in the wind
  • assorted perennials grow up together each year
  • flower then seeds set feeding native pollinators
  • rotation of flowers through seasons feed bees
  • The Campion plant has edible flowers and loves it here!
  • The herb Lemon Balm will deter mosquitos naturally
  • have less lawn and more flowers for pollinators and birds